For journeys, not just destinations.

The All-New Kia Sportage is all about offering you more than you'd expect. More breathtakingly distinct design. More cutting-edge tecnologies. More advanced feature to enhance your comfort and safety. Improvments to handling and a stronger body mean a more refined and smoother ride. More reasons to get out and seize each day. It's about discovering a whole new way of seeing the world. Exploring, Venturing out. Finding new adventures, and new places. With so much innovation,style and comfort to enjoy, the All-New Sportage is the perfect car for making every journey memorable. Notice how the front of the model conveys a bold aggressive design featuring a muscular bonnet, high positioned front headlamps and a large signature 'Tiger Nose' grille.


Eye-catching style.

The stunning All-New Kia Sportage manages to stand oput no matter where you are. Wether you're zipping through the city or makingyour way off the beaten track, cruising the open road or parked at home, the All-New Sportage is the perfect combination of sportiness and style. Designed and produced in Europe, with destinctive, innovative design and truly striking features, the fourth generation All-New Sportage is set to be the most practical yet. The height of the model has increased by 5mm. The overall length has increasedsignificantly by 40mm whilst the wheelbase has been extended by 30mm. The increase in exterior size means an increase in head and leg room for both the front and rear occupants inside the cabin which adds to the comfort and space within the vehicle.

Kia New Sportage 360° View

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